made in china

Who are We?

Made in China is really famous in the world, mostly for bad, not for good. Cheap, not durable, not delicate. But there are a group of people who want to change this.

We are not the most excellent one, but we keep getting close to it. We started our business in 1999, and our teams have been changing, experiencing, and growing. For the first beginning, we aim to do duable and quality products. We believe that cheap and low quality products will not live long.

We live in the magnanimous and highly competitive environment. Every little component has several quality levels, and always the cheapest one will have the biggest market. It's so easy to get all parts of a lamp and assemble them into a completed product, and sell in a cheap price. We are not doing this. We try to control the quality of materials and our suppliers, and try to design the lamp work in a proper way, and also keep improve the assemble technic, testing, and quality control, and last but not the least, the packing and labels.

We produce what our clients need. We can do cheap product easily, and also high quality products as well. Normally, we would suggest our clients a custom-made product to fit their market, and of course, it should be a qualified product first, since we always hold the bottom line.